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Discover Canada - MP3 playlist

Mary and I recently applied for our Canadian citizenship. (Whoop!)

In preparation for our upcoming written tests, there's a booklet we must study – Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship.

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Posted at 11:04 EDT, 12th April 2015.

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I'm very happy today that Mary & I have applied for Canadian citizenship.

This is the most exciting letter I've sent in a long time:

Exciting post

I'm proud that we've joined the queue to become new Canadians.

(I really like the common use of 'new Canadian' here. I find it much more upbeat and welcoming than 'immigrant', and the general tone with which that's used, particularly in UK politics and media.)

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Posted at 12:27 EDT, 20th March 2015.

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Hashplus and Hashminus

Twitter's a pretty handy way to vent about something good or bad that's happening.

Here's a really simple way to flag that:

  • #+
  • #-

They're just hashtags. They're as short as can be, but I think their meaning is pretty clear.

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Posted at 06:48 EDT, 21st September 2010.

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Love Toronto

I still love London, but I'm getting to love Toronto, too.

I've only been here a shade over a week but have already found a gaggle of fine places for The List.

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Posted at 16:19 EDT, 26th August 2009.


Love London

I'll be moving out of London in just a few short weeks, but I'm far from tired of it. Here's a quick run-down of some of my favourite establishments. I've been popping in as often as possible lately, each time not knowing if that'll be the last time for a good, long while.

Update at 04:07 EDT, 4th August 2009 – Honourable mentions: The Old Mitre and The Harp

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Posted at 07:19 EDT, 27th July 2009.

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Joe Biden on Black and White

Joe Biden was quoted in the New Yorker a couple of weeks ago (emphasis added):

"I'm going to say something presumptuous," Biden said to me. "The reason I've been relatively successful is that I have never questioned the motive of other senators, and that's instinctively Barack. Barack doesn't start off, 'Well, you disagree, you must be a, you know, an S.O.B. or you must not care about the poor or you're sexist or you're racist or you're a whatever.' He doesn't think that way." Biden continued, veering slightly into stream-of-consciousness, "I think it comes from a guy who is, you know, who's half white and half black. You know, this idea – he is a black man because society won't let him be anything else. But he's as much his mother's child as he is his father's child. And here's a guy raised in an environment that was relatively normal in the sense that there was no—he wasn't able to be squirrelled away somewhere, or he didn't live in a homogeneous neighborhood where he was part of the homogeneity. You know what I mean?"

That's a pretty simple story, and a compelling one.

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Posted at 15:33 EST, 2nd November 2008.

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A penguin president

There's been some chatter recently about how Barack Obama isn't really black. The claim is that he's basically a privileged white guy.

I've a proper problem with that, and my basic difficulty is with a classification that is so damn crude.

Why try and jam Obama into one of the pigeon-holes of being exclusively white or black, but never both? I'm sure a large part rests with the media, in wanting a story that is simple to tell; I fear that a greater part is playing on America's more fragmented, near segregated culture when it comes to colour. Growing up as a kid with a mixed background made me feel no less British. I have a great love of Irish and Indian culture, but they aren't quite home to me. I'm not sure America, or perhaps just public identity there, allows such a tick-all-that-apply approach to cultural identity. I'm pretty sure living in London makes that much easier, which is why it is home now.

I hope people start the more nuanced conversation about Obama. He is black and white. He could be their first penguin president.

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Posted at 04:17 EDT, 5th July 2008.

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BBC Programme Support

The BBC have a great new Web site – BBC Programme Support (more info from Tom Scott of the BBC). This is especially good for Web nerds like me, but it will help make link-centric television work for Real Human Beings, too.

There are a few quirks in how things are listed right now but I'm sure they'll shake out in due course. What's great about this service is that the Beeb is committing to long-term, stable URIs for their programmes, with a single, clear link for each show, irrespective of how and when it is shown or repeated.

[Via Chris]

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Posted at 10:54 EDT, 19th October 2007.

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Edinburgh Festivals

Following Chris' lead, here's a gaggle of films that Mary & I are going to later this month in Edinburgh.

I'm also excited to be going to the Un-Festival, organised by Ian Forrester, catching some decent comedy and generally being up in such a lovely city, even while it is wearing a clown suit.

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Posted at 08:29 EDT, 4th August 2007.

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Harry Potter leaked

I'm a Harry Potter fan. I like the books, and I really don't want spoiling about the last book. According to Torrent Freak, poor quality scans of the book are already kicking about over BitTorrent.

Now I'm not surprised, but I think – in this case at least – the publisher is winning.

Update at 12:42 EDT, 19th July 2007 – Tracing leaker via EXIF metadata

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Posted at 13:12 EDT, 17th July 2007.


Twitter awareness

Wired has an article on Twitter by Clive Thompson which is spot on:

Twitter and other constant-contact media create social proprioception. They give a group of people a sense of itself, making possible weird, fascinating feats of coordination.

I've several friends using Twitter who I'd love to see more often. I'm not going to manage that, but at least when I do see them now the conversation starts in a much more interesting place. We both have a sense of whether things have been fun or crap lately. Since the Twitter messages are so short, they sometimes only just make sense after chatting about it.

Twitter's great, and I expect we'll see more of this ambient presence in other spheres before long.

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Posted at 10:10 EDT, 27th June 2007.

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